Deli counter chaos

Saturday was the first time I’ve ever taken The Rowdy Boys grocery shopping on my own.

I know some of you are rolling your eyes and saying, “Girl. Please.”

But we do our grocery shopping as a weird little family trip. Here’s why:

1. I hate grocery shopping and would rather eat oatmeal for dinner every night instead of stand in line at the checkout counter
2. The Hubs loves grocery shopping and sees a grocery list as more of a loose guideline, preferring to walk down every aisle. And evaluate everything.

This week, the store we normally shop at apparently closed. So. They had some things, but not everything we needed. Like bread. Or yogurt. Or any of the ingredients I needed for dinners this week.

The Hubs needed to do yard work that was not kid friendly. So since The Toddler was devastated he couldn’t help, I asked if he wanted to help me and The Baby shop.

Which is how we ended up at the deli counter.

My boys will behave during 99% of grocery shopping. They will not behave at the checkout line. They also will not behave in line at the deli counter.

It wasn’t so much misbehaving as it was being kids. Pushing the cart. Eating ham. Touching buns (uh, bakery buns. Not people buns. Just to, you know, clarify). They listened. Part of the time.

But all of a sudden, the meat cutter was saying, “Any particular brand of roast beef, Miss?”

What I said was, “No, whatever is fine.”

What I should have said was, “Whatever’s cheap.”

When my 1.5 pound package of thinly sliced roast beef was handed to me, I was stunned–nay horrified–to see it was $9.49.

A pound.

Almost fifteen freaking bucks. FOR DELI MEAT.

Granted, it’s probably the best roast beef deli meat I’ve ever had. But my God. I’m slapping it on a bun and crisping it in the oven.


I tried to make it look as elegant as I could. But. Yeah.

Lesson learned, friends. Lesson. Learned.

Anyway, editing update: 11 days until conference. Still have only half a synopsis. Vague pitch. Halfway through inputting my hard copy edits, so there’s that.

Worried? Who’s worried? I have a map of the venue and $9.49/a pound roast beef in my fridge. Frankly, the awesomeness speaks for itself.

My “baked goods to eat in case of failure” list is primed and ready to go. You can never be too prepared.


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