And the Countdown Begins: Yup. I’m horrified.

Two weeks until the writing conference.

As imagined, I’m fairly certain I’m way behind where I should be, edit wise.  I’ve only got like, 79 pages (of a now 311 total) of hard copy edits keyed into the computer.  I’ve got half a synopsis written.  And there’s two weeks to go.


Actually, I’d probably have the entire synopsis written, but I ran into a wee bit of a stumbling block.  I decided to write it during my lunch break at work, figuring by that point in the day, I had just enough insanity in my brain, fueled by coffee and Nutella, that I’d just go for it.  The “internal editor” would be distracted by Greek yogurt and I’d be good to go.

The reality of this plan was that, halfway through, I forgot what happened next.  In the novel I wrote.

Ta da!!!

Whatever.  I guess it’s something to do this weekend in-between baking and trying to frantically input my hard copy edits.  Which, not surprisingly, is turning into a real life Round Three of editing.  What’s surprising is that I don’t hate the novel as much this time around.  Go figure, huh?

It’s actually nice to be back blogging after, what, a two-day break?  The A to Z Challenge was pretty awesome!  I’m pretty darn proud of myself for managing to blog every day in April.  Where my posts random?  Yes.  But I’m a random kind of gal.

I think what I got most out of the challenge was proving that I could do it.  My free time is like Big Foot: elusive.  Rumored.  Probably somewhat exaggerated.  But because I hate losing almost as much as I hate competition itself, I forced myself to write every day.  I was able to adjust what I do daily so it didn’t interfere with higher priority things–such as family time and snacking–but overall, I think it helped me grow as a writer.  Maybe not the actual “craft” of writing, but the time management side.  And Lord knows I can use that.

So, now you know what we’ll all be looking forward to next April.

But for now, it’s my typical chaos and panic as we charge towards the writing conference.  In two weeks.  I feel somewhat as I did when pregnant with The Baby: I was dilated at 3.5 cm for a month.  The doctors kept saying, “Meh, you won’t make it to the weekend.”  Yet, I made it a month.  And then, just when I was irritated I’d have to go back to work on Monday from a nice, long weekend…I was in labor a whopping four hours and boom.  Child.  I’ve known about the writing conference since, I don’t know, last year and now boom.  Panic. 

Ta daaaaaa!!!!



  1. Good luck with finishing your synopsis. They are SO hard to write. As ar blurbs and log lines!

    And yes for editing as you enter the edits. But it sounds like you’re a fair way through, I’m sure you can get it finished. And congrats on finishing the challenge!

    Rinelle Grey

  2. Edits! Bah, Humbug! Have you ever noticed it takes three times longer to edit than it does to come up with the idea and write the first draft? Luck to ya.

  3. Maybe the creative process is like giving birth. The question is which one of those phases you’re in.:)

    1. I agree!! Though, for me, labor was ten times easier. I was only in labor four hours start to finish with my youngest. I think I spent twice as much time just *looking* at the draft of my log line/pitch!!

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