X-tra celebrating for x-tra hard work. Yes, I’m cheating with this title.

It’s a sad, sad day when the only X word my brain will accept doesn’t even begin with the letter X.  Oh, A to Z Challenge.  My brain is fried.

But I finished Round Two of editing The Novel!!  Okay, yes, I guess I should refer to it by its title.  Anything You Ask of Me.  But we have such a history as The Novel.  Or Manuscript.  Ah, how far we’ve come!!


Last night I was over it.  I was sick of my binder mocking me from across the dining room table while I ate my breakfast, always opting to scroll through Facebook rather than edit while I eat cereal (and yes, I realize that’s probably one of the larger issues, but whatever).  So, after The Rowdy Boys were in bed, The Hubs poured me a glass of Diet Mountain Dew and Cherry Southern Comfort and I got to work.

Which may or may not have been a good idea.

What I’m about to say it going to make me sound like a drunk.  And I assure you, I blog way more about drinking than I actually drink.  Why?  Because I’m cheap.  Back in the days of my youth (also known as before I became a parent), I used to enjoy the fruity, girlie drinks.  You know.  Pink Cadillacs or whatever was loaded with alcohol but tasted like candy.  Then I became a homeowner.  Then I became a parent.  And then I acquired a taste for beer because it was cheap.  And now I just hate spending money, so, there you go.

But last night I started celebrating the completion of Round Two of editing and drank my beverage just…well, just a hair too fast.  What I said to The Hubs next was maybe just this side of being in poor taste.  But I said it anyway, “I’m like Hemingway, dude, pour me another drink.”


So, I cannot attest for the quality of the edit of the last chapter.  And the epilogue.  But that’s what Round Three of editing is for (if that even actually happens.  Lets not get too excited here).  Anyway, I ate a protein bar and felt much better.

And today I celebrated again with a salted caramel pretzel milkshake from Steak N Shake.  A-freaking-mazing.  Seriously, that sucker had more calories in it than I normally consume in my entire lunch, but it was heaven.  It make me happier than thirty glasses of Diet Mountain Dew and Southern Comfort.

I kind of want another.  Actually, they’re half price between 2 and 4 am.  I’ll be sleeping then, but if I wasn’t, that sounds like a plan.

What’s next for the novel?  Well.  Now I have to go back through all my massacred pages/scribbles in hot pink editing pen, and input them into my electronic file.  Yay!!  I’m actually going to count this as Round Three of editing, since I don’t exactly trust myself to have edited up to par all the time.  Case in point: last night.  But whatever!  The hard copy edit is done!!



  1. It’s taken me ages to get to using titles. I refer to the first one, the second and the latest.. Well done. what’s your deadline for getting those typed up? I ask because I just found my first with edits, they’re not typed up yet and the red pen’s about to finish it’s work on the latest. Already typed up the second so that’s ready for next edit. Next novel’s fed up of waiting to be written..
    No such thing as cheating on xtra celebrating when an edit’s done.
    What does *finished* look like?

    1. I actually would like to get them all typed in this weekend. The conference starts the 17th, so I’d like time for maybe just one more read over. And if not, oh well. I’ll read over it again after the conference! I started jotting down notes for my next novel and have found myself referring to it as “New One” verses “Old One.” I like “First” and “Latest” much better!

      I’m not sure I’ll ever know what *finished* looks like. I never even convinced my makeup is *finished* in the morning, lol. There’s always more commas to sneak into my writing. I’m convinced!

    1. Thanks!! I started the dreaded synopsis last night and, literally, fell asleep in the process. It was actually a decent weekend, accomplishment wise. I ate a lot of ice cream and cleaned the kitchen. Yay!

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