Writing Weekend! And wine!

Well, only wine if I finish editing.

So, hey, it’s the weekend! Hurray for that! I randomly started getting excited when I was standing at the printer around 1:30 today. I said to my friend Jossie, “I think I’m going to have a Twix bar and call it a day.”

Unfortunately I work until 3:30. So that didn’t happen. The Twix bar part did and yes. It was as amazing as you’d think it would be at 1:30 on a Friday afternoon.

Ahhh, Friday. Such promise! Such delusions of things to get done on the weekend! I have visions of:

1. Organizing The Rowdy Boys closets
2. Make and consume mass quantities of homemade donuts
3. Finish editing the novel
4. Start the synopsis
5. Start the query letter
6. Clean out toys and regain some semblance of order in the living room.

In reality, here’s what will happen:

1. The donuts will most definitely happen
2. The editing will most likely happen.

Seriously, the editing better happen. I’m so close to being done. Quitting now would be like slaving over a multilayer cake all day and then just deciding to throw it away (coincidentally, I’m debating baking some type of tasty goodness this weekend).

And, I’ve promised myself a tasty glass (read bottle) of wine with The Hubs when this round is done. Maybe tomorrow night?

Challenge initiated!!



  1. Weekends start out with so much promise. But somehow, there always seems to be so many other things to do with them (like sleep in, or read a good book), than all that work you had planned.

    Hope you enjoy the doughnuts!

    Rinelle Grey

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