So close…yet so far away.

Two chapters (and an epilogue) to edit and I am DONE with round two of editing.  Thank God because, I’ll tell you what, I am pretty much sick of reading this novel.  I didn’t realize how sick of it I was, until I got the idea for my next novel.

And now I’m pretty much completely distracted by that.

Along those same lines, I’m slowly (quickly?) running out of creativity for blog posts.  I’m pretty sure part of my problem is blogging so late at night, after editing and working out and all the other randomness I put up with in the evening.  But hey, there’s five more days to go.  If I stop now, it’s like stopping at the finish line.  Or, if you’re like me—the Anti-Jogger—stopping after jogging a minute and a half.  Whatev.

Side note: I don’t know where I picked up this new phrase, “Whatev.”  The Hubs mocks it.  I’m probably at the height of my laziness, seeing as how I can’t even be bothered to fully say “Whatever.”  Whatev.  Use it.  Embrace it.

So, yeah, Chapter 33 here I come.  I was *this close* to bringing my novel to work with me today, so I could edit during my lunch break.  The way my luck has been these days, I figured that would be the day a) the building burned down b) my car finally blows up from a distinct lack of oil changes, or c) I’d sneeze at the wrong time and dump my entire cup of hot tea/coffee/diet Mount Dew all over the carefully edited pages.  The novel stayed home.

It’s on the floor now.

Two more chapters (and an epilogue).  I can do this.



  1. I got an idea for a next novel yesterday! Very exciting.. It’s way too far from my knowledge that it will need lots of travelling before I can write it but that won’t stop me planning it.
    Here’s hoping you got those two chapters (and epilogue) edited. I started to wane, again, in AtoZ at Unfinished.. pushed on and got there. Need to do the same with my novels. Not long now and we’ll be missing our letters!

    1. I am so excited to sit down and start working on the next novel! It’s distracting me; which is extremely bad at this point, since I no longer want to work on my current piece. The conference is only three weeks away, so I really have to get buckled down and work on it. Alas, I’m so easily distracted…

      As for the AtoZ, man, it’s hard to blog every day! I usually only blog twice a week. Maybe after this I’ll ramp it up to three times a week…after a substantial break!

  2. Go! Cross that finish line. It will feel good, you know it will.

    I never believed you could get sick of your own novel. But now that I’ve finished (completely) editing my first one, I totally get it. I hope one day I can read it and enjoy it again though, because I did so love it at one point in time.

    Rinelle Grey

    1. I’m the same way. I never thought I would get sick of reading it, but I’m to the point where I’ve read it so many times that it sounds horrible to me. If I didn’t have *3 weeks* until the conference, I’d set it aside and just working on my new idea!

      Crossing my fingers I’ll love it again one day! Or at least not think it’s stinky!! 🙂

  3. I luv your honesty. Keep pushing…once you are done…it’s done…”in the can” as they say in the movie biz. Polish it and make it shine, I’m sure every line you edit will be appreciated by your readers.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s been an intense few months with this novel, but I’m stoked that it’s *this* close to being finished! Of course, that makes me horrified of the prospect of people actually reading it. And maybe liking it. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there!

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