Unexplainable Food Oddities (Alternate title: When Baked Goods Attack)

So, as I took my socks off tonight, in preparation for my workout, a hunk of Oreo cookie fell out of my sock and onto the floor.

This….this is something I can’t actually explain.

Now, I’m the mother of a Toddler and an Almost-Toddler.  I’m used to finding used tissues or chewed up crayons in my hoodie pockets, globules of oatmeal on what I presumed to be clean pants, or spare diapers in my purse.

Random food oddities falling out of my socks?  Weird Wednesday, I guess.

Granted.  I did have an Oreo Madness ice cream cake/cookie/thing at an after work outing yesterday (I’m not going to call it happy hour, since it was two in the afternoon.  But, some of us were happier than others).  There were, as you can imagine, Oreo cookies involved.  I didn’t, however, wear the same pants/shirt/socks combo today that I wore yesterday.  I didn’t even wear the same pair of shoes.  But, I guess it’s possible a chuck of Oreo hitchhiked home on my person and then…somehow…attached itself to my sock?  And then fell in my sock?  I don’t know.  I guess it’s plausible.

Unlike the time I was walking down the hall at work and felt something fall into my hand.  I’m always convinced I’m being attacked my spiders/zombies/the plague/etc, but I looked down–prepared to be in horror–only to find a chocolate chip had somehow fallen into my hand.  A chocolate chip.

I can’t explain that one either.

Chocolate chips from heaven?  I’m okay with that; blessings from God, just falling from the sky and into my hand.  It works for me.

Other than that, I’ve got nothing for today.  Okay, not true: I was driving to work (at the crack of dawn) this morning and was struck–and I use the term somewhat loosely since I was at the time driving around a squad (?) of chickens in the middle of the road–with an awesome idea for my next novel.  And I’m super stoked to get started on it.  The only thing standing in my way right now is the gaping maw of editing starting me in the face.  Doom on you, editing!  Three chapters and an epilogue left to go!  Mother of God!!



    1. I’ve always loved that movie! I can’t get my boys into it; I guess maybe they’re too little still. I remember watching it as a kid–and every time I watched it, I had to have a little debbie cake or peanut butter bar. Yum!

  1. LOL at the attack of random baked goods. There are worse things to be attacked by!

    I hear you on the editing getting in the way of writing. I’d so rather be writing a new story. But I need to finish tidying this one first.

    Rinelle Grey

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