Slacking on Sunday

I’m currently sitting on the couch, looking at my editing and oddly captivated by a crappy musical on ABC Family. Jane Seymour is in it, so I feel as if that makes it somewhat legit.

Today I learned I don’t like riding 4 Wheelers.


Yeah, I look excited. But I’m telling you, I was not a fan. My brain kept saying things like “fractured collarbone” and “dislocated shoulder” and really, it was a downer.

The Hubs and I took The Baby to the Boalsburg Military Museum today. It was fun! It reminded me of the military museum at Camp Shelby in Mississippi. But smaller. But still a massive display on WWI trench warfare.

As horrific as any war is, I think WWI would have been particularly awful. Trench warfare is indescribable. Having to force yourself to crawl out of the trench and run into the face of the enemy…I can’t imagine.

In 1919, soldiers returning from the war wanted to memorialize their fallen comrades. They started what eventually became known as The Shrine:


It’s inscribed with the names, dates of death, and location of death for soldiers. In 1997, a portion was added for World War II.

It was a nice afternoon, strolling around The Shrine. Well, except for the kid rollerblading in the “no skating” area. It was a tad bit chilly for me: everyone else had on sweatshirts. I had on a winter coat. Over a sweatshirt.

Seriously. Sometimes I’m like an 85 year old. Right now I have a blanket on my lap.

And in retaliation for an active day outdoors, I ate Spare ribs, a 300 calorie Sugar cookie, and countless pieces of toast with Strawberry Rhubarb jam. S all around!!



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