Quite the opposite of what I expected

First of all, my alphabet skills were evidently subpar the other night. Q comes before R. Whatever, my R topic was pretty good. Besides, after all that wine, I’m lucky I could find my cell phone, let alone blog.

And I missed yesterday. Not wine related–it was a dry wedding, therefore we toasted with sparkling grape juice. No. The theme of this weekend was Disaster. Just for funsies, lets relive it in the form of a compliment sandwich, shall we?

The Good

The wedding was beautiful. The bride was beautiful. I had all you can eat French Toast for breakfast and ate enough for an entire squad of bridesmaids. No one passed out.

The Bad

The Hubs got a speeding ticket. The photographer tripped over a rock and broke his camera. The window on our vehicle got stuck halfway down and then cracked in two, forcing us to leave the reception early, check out early from our nonrefundable hotel room, and drive three hours back to my inlaws in 38 degree weather. With an open, busted window.

The Good

Gas prices are really, really cheap in central Pennsylvania.

Sooo….yeah. Our weekend was cut frustratingly and expensively short. And back to the real world.

But it was such a blessing to see my friend get married and an honor to be in the wedding party. Yes, I almost threw up when we did the math and realized we’ve been friends for twenty-two years. Disasters aside, it was a great day and I still have tomorrow off from work. Ba zing!!!



  1. Not sure I should have read this post – I’m already nervous enough with my daughter’s upcoming nuptials. Hope that photographer broke his camera at the END of the wedding and got SOME shots.

    1. He had actually asked which bridesmaid (in our heels, tramping through the rocks and mud) would be the first to fall. She had two photographers, plus he had a few cameras, so it ended up okay. Though maybe not for him…anyway, my biggest stressor was keeping the bride away from strawberries before the ceremony. White dress verses stainable fruit just didn’t bode well in my mind!

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