Rehearsal Reprimands: And I’m not surprised.

I’m beat!

But hey, I’m so competitive and refuse to miss a day blogging. I also would prefer to not miss a workout day, but I’m super full. And drank almost a whole bottle of wine. So…maybe today is one of those “rest and let muscles heal” kind of days. The Hubs refuses to go out to the car and get my weights. I refuse to move from my nest of pillows and editing.

Tonight was the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. The other bridesmaids and I were…lets say reprimanded for being too loud prior to practicing walking in. In fact, we were told when things are “live” tomorrow, we have to be quiet.


When I was a child, one of my teachers told my parents, “Heather could be a good student if only she’d stop talking and listen!”

I obviously haven’t changed much since elementary school.

But I make a hot bridesmaid! And a vain one!!


Is it sad that it’s only 10pm and I’m like, man, it’s 10pm and I’m ready for bed. Old. I’m old.

But I’m ready to party tomorrow! Until my old-ness gets in the way. Until then. Don’t be jealous of my boogie. As a parent, I don’t get out much these days. I should be dancing!!



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