Manic Monday: Well, at least there’s cake.

Yikes. This weekend flew past.

Today has been out of control. I feel as if I accomplished next to nothing this weekend and, with The First Wedding of the Season in just five days, my time to “get stuff done” is compressed. You know, compressed into the approximately ten minutes I have of free time in the evenings.

Seriously, sometimes I want to go back in time and smack myself upside the head.  I used to be the queen of wasting time (not that I’m particularly bad at it now–ahem–but I have far less to work with these days).  I can remember just lounging around in front of the television, with nothing to do but study class notes and watch “ET” or whatever entertainment gossip shows I was in to. Feel like writing? Nah. Watching TV. Feel like scrapbooking or doing a craft? Nah. Maybe I’ll play Zoo Tycoon on the computer for while. Like, twelve hours. Then I’ll take a break and play The Sims.

I can’t remember the last time I played a computer game. No, that’s a lie. The Hubs and I used to play Lego Harry Potter on the PS3 and eat double stuffed Oreos when I was pregnant with The Toddler. Then, when he was a baby, we switched to cheese, crackers, and pepperoni. You know, focusing health or something. I don’t know.

These days, once The Rowdy Boys are in bed, I fly into the bedroom, work out for half an hour, and then spend time editing. One month until the writer’s conference. One month!! And in one month’s time, I still need to edit nine chapters (and an epilogue), input my hard copy-edit into the electronic file, write a synopsis, and write a query letter.

That sound you hear is me throwing up.

At least the cake from this weekend was phenomenal. A-freaking-mazing.


Here’s my slice from yesterday.  Glorious!  The frosting was amazing, not at all waxy or gross like I was concerned frozen icing might be.  The cake?  Moist.  Delicious.  Fabulous.

My only criticism is that 1/14 serving size is far too small, because I wanted to eat the whole thing.  At least we’ll be able to stretch our $24.99 out across the week.  And yes.  $24.99 is the price I paid for “Little Cake.”

Was it the best cake of my entire life?  No, probably not.  But I’d spend $24.99 again on a Cake Boss Cake.  It’s not something I’d do every week, but on a special occasion.  Or, maybe the day before the writer’s conference when I’m in total meltdown/panic mode.  Who has two thumbs and is easily distracted by chocolate cake?  This gal!



      1. Seriously! That narrows out my dad, because he was always on my case about finishing my writing. I haven’t ruled out some roguish Civil War soldier. That’s hot. But dude, come on. I have like, three minutes of spare time a day. Don’t encroach on it! Lol!

  1. Serving sizes are just brutal, aren’t they? That said, the cake looks rather delicious! I’m a fan of the Cake Boss show, but sadly never got to try any of his marvelous creations. =[

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