Just pass the candy: It’s one of those days.

I’m not feeling it today, friends.

I’ve been pretty on par with the A to Z Challenge.  I’ve been pretty creative.

Today, though, I’m cheating with the filler word “just” to squeeze in and make sure I don’t miss a day.  I’m not overachieving…and not exactly underachieving.  I’m just.  Meh.

As with most things, there’s no logical explanation for my meh-ness today.  I’ve been working out every night for almost three weeks in an effort to a) eat more snacks and b) get toned up for the wedding next week.  And the wedding in June.  And the wedding in August.

But mainly just so I can eat more snacks.

While I’m at work, though, I have a “do not snack” policy.  Why?  I don’t know.  Usually because my work snacking is stress snacking and no good can come of that.  Today, however, I’m more irritated than usual.  And, in turn, making frequent trips to the candy dish on my cube mate’s desk.

I’m still irritated.  But I have the satisfied glow of someone who just partook in a mini-Twix with a mini-Reese cup chaser.  Yum.

But, hey, let me tell you.  For a chick who popped out two children in two years, my abs look fantastic!  I am so proud of myself for staying consistent and working hard–and working hard with weights!–that I literally did a little jig last night.  The Toddler laughed and said, “Oh, Momma.”

Do I want to work out tonight?  No.  Not in the least.

Seriously, though, I’m hoping my lack of motivation doesn’t bleed over to my editing tonight.  Is this burn out?  It better not be, because I don’t have an actual non-wedding related vacation scheduled until June.  June!

I’m also dealing with the fact that, despite my ongoing snacking today, I ate lunch entirely too early and now my stomach is growling.  It sounds like two bears having a conversation over here.  Horrible.



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