Devil’s Den: Memories cast in stone

It’s day…what, four of the A to Z Challenge? We’re up to the letter D and let me tell you. Randomly hard for me to come up with a topic. My first thought was donut, but I didn’t really want to post a recipe review or an actual reciple. I mean, yeah, I’d like to eat donuts. I saw donuts at the gas station this morning and thought, “Hmm. Donuts.”

My mother suggested Devil’s Den.

Suggestion accepted!

Devil’s Den is, of course, an outcropping of rocks at (more or less) the base of Little Round Top. It used to boast supremely amazing bathrooms which, unfortunately, have since been removed due to battlefield reclamation or whatever they’re calling it these days. It’s a shame, really, since that’s inevitibly when I have to pee.

During the battle, Devil’s Den was a hornet’s nest. There’s a notorious picture of the dead Confederate sharpshooter that may or may not have been staged. Nowadays, it seems to me Devil’s Den is regarded as a nice picnic area where people let their children climb, run around, and run amok with no disregard to anything. I almost got smashed in the face with a frisbee once. Don’t even get me started. I get awfully sassy about it.

Randomly, in the oh, I’d say 15 second attempt to find a picture of Devils Den that I took, I came up with nothing. I’m sure I have pictures somewhere of it…but yeah, I got nothing. This is all I’ve got, a page from my college scrapbook:


This is from like, 2001. In fact, I can actually tell you the exact date it’s from. August 25. It’s the day that I met The Hubs! I can also tell you, Devils Den no longer looks like this. See aforementioned battlefield reclamation. If you’re looking for trees, there aren’t any.

Anyway, Devils Den is not in my novel. The Hubs and I don’t even spend that much time there anymore.

But we did once.

In February of 2003, I got oh, let’s say stranded, down there following a colossal blizzard. At this point in time, we’d been dating since September. Our Valentines Day dinner was scandalously and suspiciously ruined. So on the 15th, we went to Gettysburg.

The Hubs was pissed that the road to Culps Hill was closed; that’s where he’d asked me to be his girlfriend. I was like, “Dude, we can see it when the road reopens. It’s been there 100 years. It’ll be there next week.”

He was not amused. In fact, he wasn’t speaking to me. I took this as a sign he was about to dump me. Awesome! Ruined Valentines dinner. Blizzard. Dumped.

So, he parked at the base of Little Round Top and said, “Lets just get out and walk.”

The potential for frostbite! Even better!

We hiked up the unplowed road to the top of Little Round Top and stood around for awhile. Then he said, “Lets go down to Devils Den.”

Sure. Why not.

It was deserted. We stood there for awhile, looking at the undisturbed snow until I finally said, “This would be a neat place to get married.”

He said, “You think so?”


“You think so?”


To which he responded by whipping out an engagement ring.

We ended up getting married on his parents back porch, two days before he deployed overseas with the Army, but yeah. I still think it would be cool to get married there.

And I still think he’s a pretty cool guy. 😉



    1. Thanks! I love hiking around Gettysburg. I think autumn is the best time, when it’s not quite as crowded and just a little cooler out. We’ve walked Pickett’s Charge several times and I think that might be one of my favorite parts of the field.

  1. Great proposal story. Very romantic in an offbeat, Civil-war-buff sorta way. Much more romantic than the way my husband proposed. He asked me as we were watching a television movie late at night. Well, he didn’t really ask me, he just said, “So are we getting married or what?” I thought he was kidding so I shushed him and said, “I’m watching this. Ask me at the commercial.” He did. I said yes. And two kids, and one mortgage later we are still together. I still shush him when we’re watching television.

    1. Aw, that’s actually kind of sweet! He never technically “asked” either. I don’t blame him for getting down on one knee, since we were in so much snow, but we were so comfortable with each other at that point, in my mind he didn’t have to. Does that make sense? We’re the same way though: two kids and a mortgage later, and we’re still cruising right along! I’ve missed you, Darlene! Hope all is well!

    1. Thanks! It’s such a tranquil place now; barely a shadow of the horror it was during the battle. My favorite time of year, other than the dead of winter, is in late fall when it’s starting to get cold and rainy.

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