I’ve hit the editing wall: In retaliation, I made donuts

As we once again brace for the Snow-pacalypse, I’ve officially gotten bored with editing. Yeah. I knew it would happen eventually. I think I’m overfamiliar with my book. My brain is like, “Yeah…I’ve read this before. And it pretty much sucks.”


This morning I made homemade glazed donuts for breakfast in an attempt to change things up. You may notice there is no accompanying picture of said donuts. Lets be honest. Hot donuts dripping with glaze? Devoured. The four of us didn’t even bother with plates. We just stood in the kitchen and scarfed them down.

And before you ask, no, it wasn’t some fancy pants French creme donut recipe. It was a can of buttermilk biscuits fried in canola oil and some kind of hybrid glaze I threw together. Powdered sugar? Sure. Vanilla and melted butter? Why not!

The sum of laziness and a craving for donuts equates to those sticky sensations. And the biscuits were reduced fat. So yay for that.

Ugh, but I know I still have to get back to editing. I think I might need a change of pace in writing for a while. And when I say awhile, what we all know I mean is a hot minute because Lord knows the conference is right around the corner and I spent too much to give a half hearted attempt. Anyway, I’m debating hopping back to something I was working on previously or starting something new. We’ll see what happens.

All I know for sure is, we’re supposed to get about eight inches of snow by morning. How’s that for Spring? But in better news, the new season of Dr. Who starts Saturday. I’m setting my sights on that.

Now. If it was Dr. Who with David Tennant during Snow-Pacalypse, well. That would make eight inches of snow worth it.



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