And now for something completely different: First round of editing is done!

Balki Bartokomous of Mypos had his dance of joy.  And I have my happy dance.

The Hubs says I look like a deranged muppet when I break out the happy dance; lots of arm flailing and dancing on inappropriate offbeats.  But I’m pretty stoked tonight, since I finally finished the first, high level edit of my novel.  It was kind of anticlimactic.  I got so much done over the weekend that suddenly there were three pages left to edit…and I just finished it.  Like the last few pots and pans that need handwashed at the end of the night.  Done.

And while we’re thinking about it, why isn’t Perfect Strangers airing on Nick at Night or something?  I’ve watched enough M*A*S*H* that I can recite dialogue with Hawkeye and BJ (swoooon) and Full House is on, like, every other channel in the mornings.  Where’s Perfect Strangers?  Why no love for Balki and Larry?


Spring is approaching at a frightening pace.  Don’t let the fact Snow-mageddon is supposed to hit tonight.  I’m in the first wedding of the season in like, six weeks.  And then less than a month after that is the writer’s conference.  So…basically, that gives me around two and a half months to get the *big edit* done.  Write a query.  Write a synopsis.  Get my game face on and get my pitch ready.


I’m hoping my game face is more sophisticated than my happy dance.  I’m not completely horrified by the prospect of two pitch sessions.  Yet.  It’s making me think of college and how much I hated giving presentations in front of the class.  And when I say hated, what I mean is quivering like a chihuahua with sweaty palms.  Awful.

Granted, not as awful as the time I was giving a presentation in my Advertising and Public Relations class and my nose dripped–yes, dripped–right in the middle of my speech on the many possible utilization of a turkey baster.  It was horrifying.  Drip.  And look, I really should be proud of myself for not even missing a beat post-drip.  I just kept blathering on about turkey basters and artificial insemination (I only wish I was kidding) and finished the speech.  I got an A in that class.

Let’s hope there’s no nose dripping during the pitch sessions.  Oh God, please don’t let anything awkward happen during the pitch sessions.  Because, seriously, if it’s awkward or clumsy or has the propensity to be dropped, chances are I’m going to find a way to do it.  At least twice.



  1. Congrats on completing your first high-level edit of your manuscript. Joining in the happy dance with my own verson–which is a rather frightening version of the Snoopy dance. (BTW I will NEVER get the vision of a deranged Muppet dance out of my head, like EVER. So funny.)

    I saw Bronson Pinchot in one of the Beverly Hills Cop movies a couple of weeks ago and thought about how much I missed Balki Bartokomous. Would be nice to see the show get a little Nick at Nite love.

    1. Thank you so much! I think my happy dance is the unholy love child of a deranged muppet and Elaine’s dance from Seinfeld. Shameful, lol!!

      The last thing I saw Pronson Pinchot on was an episode of Law and Order: SVU. Supposedly you can get some of the seasons of Perfect Strangers on dvd. I know Cousin Larry has actually been really active on Broadway. Who knew??

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