Today has been filled with writing and uncooked rice. Odd but true.

So I decided to make jambalaya today. Actually I was going to make it yesterday, but due to an overwhelming amount of leftovers in the fridge, we decided to have what I like to call Wild Card Night. An eating free for all. Lots of food was consumed to make room for this week’s leftovers. I may have had chocolate chip oatmeal and a chocolate cupcake as my dinner.


I started the jambalaya last night. I make it in the crockpot and its easy and painless, other than the fact I hate cutting up chicken. More than anything. Soooo, I ended up writing until 1am. And I forgot to put the rice in.

Well, no matter. I’ll put it in while it finishes in the morning, I reasoned.

So this morning I got up and made cinnamon rolls. I turned on the jambalaya. I went back to writing.

And I still forgot the rice.

When I finally remembered the rice (whilst typing the word ‘rice’ into my novel), it was, needless to say, far too late. I put it in anyway. But when it came time for lunch, quickly followed by past time for lunch, the jambalaya was done. The rice wasn’t.


Far be it for any of us to let hot corn bread go to waste. So, we had a random lunch of cornbread, fruit, and yogurt. And chocolate cupcakes. At least dinner will be simply a matter of spooning out and eating the jambalaya.

And more chocolate cupcakes. I made them with pumpkin, so that counts as a vegetable. Mom of the Year, right here folks. Mom of the Year.

The Hubs is actually eating his now. He calls it “sampling.” I call two bowlfuls “dinner.” Call me crazy.

I got an obscene amount of writing of done over this long weekend. In fact, I wrote the epilogue today. Mind you, there’s still quite a bit of material to cover between the chapter I’m on and the epilogue, but the end point is right there. I know how their story ends.

Okay, so I’ve known how their story ends for a long time. But it’s different to see it. Now I just have to get the rest of the story to that point.

It’s so close it’s scary.

I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do when it’s done. Probably pee. Maybe cry. Seriously, if I keep up this pace, I’m thinking it will be done in a week or two. Maybe three. My list of plot points is almost all checked off or crossed out (I cut out a huge subplot because just the thought of writing it annoyed me). Ahhhhggh, it’s terrifying.

And really, really exciting.


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