Thirteen for ’13: Surprisingly, writing tops the list

And what I mean by surprisingly, is totally not surprisingly.

As 2012 draws to a close and we stand on the precipice of 2013, an awkward sounding year, I’ve been thinking about goals for next year. I’m a list making kind of gal. I find the act of crossing off accomplishments to be satisfying. Oddly enough, this does not translate to my novel. One would think I’d enjoy figuring out my plot ahead of time and crossing it off the list as it’s written. One would be wrong.

So, anyway, in the spirit of being traditional, I’ve made a list of Thirteen Goals for 2013. They aren’t resolutions per se, because I’m not out to change. I’m out to improve. Modify. Better myself. In theory, this time next year we can all look back and see how many (or how few) of The Thirteen got accomplished. Yay for ambition!

1. Finish my novel

“Manuscript” is plodding along nicely. Ideally, I’d like to have it finished by the end of the first quarter. Then edit second quarter. Which leads us in to…

2. Prepare my novel for publication

I’m slow. I’m easily distracted. But I’m cognizant enough to realize publishing in 2013 might be pushing it a little. If that were to happen, well hey yay for me, but ultimately I want a clean, ready to go copy that blows at least one person’s mind. Hey, it blows my mind right now and it’s just a jumble of random letters and a string of semi-colons.

3. Read more

I miss reading. I used to read all the time, especially when I had a 40 minute bus ride to work. Lately I have about 8 minutes of “me” time before bed and that’s time usually spent taking a shower. But I would like to get back in the habit of being a bookworm. I still need to shower, though. So my reading will most likely accompany my breakfast.

4. Potty train one or both of the Maniac Children.

This one is pretty self explanatory.

5. Breathe more

Or relax more. I’m, well, somewhat high strung. I’m an overachiever. No, I won’t compete with you, but I’ll be sitting in my corner mentally trying to be the best. I think for my own sake, I need to learn to just stop. Close my eyes. And breathe. Say a quick prayer and not the first (usually sarcastic) thing that pops to mind. I’d like to think this will make me a better employee, wife, and mom.

6. Wipe the bathroom counter with more diligence.

Again, pretty self explanatory. But it needs to be done. And yeah, since it’s my long hair in the sink, it’s probably me who needs to do it.

7. Blog more

Instead of my current “pants-er” method to everything writing related, I’d ideally like to have a better blogging schedule. Part A: consistently twice a week. Part B: consistently three times a week.

8. Take a class

I’d like to treat myself to a class of some kind in 2013, either writing or baking/cooking. Just change things up a little I guess.

9. Change the oil in my car more often

I’m willing to bet you I’ll have the most trouble with this one. I’m notoriously bad when it comes to having my oil changed. It’s a hassle. It’s a surprise my car hasn’t blown up yet.

10. Learn to cut my own hair

It’s been mentioned in times past that I’m thrifty. Cheap, one might say. Look, as much as I enjoy being pampered, I do not enjoy paying fifty bucks to have my hair trimmed a quarter of an inch. I’d like to do it on my own.

11. Bake more

I love love LOVE baking. I’d like to get better at baking bread and work in to more difficult recipes (I’m looking at you, salt rising bread). Yeah, I cook just about every day of my life. But what I’d really like is to step out of my comfort zone and try some new things.

12. Lose 10 pounds

Just kidding. Threw that one in to make sure you’re still with me. There’s a long line of people in my life who’d give me a firm smack if I lost more weight.

12. Play outside more.

I hate the outdoors. With a passion. You probably find this strange, since I spend I high percentage of my time at battlefields/sitting around wanting to be at a battlefield. But I hate being outside. I like experiencing the great outdoors from the comfort of my own living room: via cable or the Internet. But, the Maniac Children are old enough now to enjoy playing outside. And whether I like it or not, it’s what is best for them.

And last, but certainly not least:

13. Make more time for me

I struggled with number 13. It was either this or “Paint the kitchen.” I opted for this because, well, it’s a bit resolution-y and something I constantly struggle with, mainly because I always put everyone else first. I get that from my dad. There’s this fine line between taking time for yourself and neglecting Responsibility. I haven’t found that balance yet. But I’d like to.

Looking back on the year as a whole, 2012 was pretty darn good. Yes, there were low points (namely deaths in my family) but there were tons of high points: we survived another “end of the world” scenario! I’ve written approximately half of my novel! The Toddler started talking and The Baby started walking (classify these as you will)! Without getting philosophical or dramatic, every day we have with loved ones is a great one. That’s why it’s called “the present,” right?

So, if I don’t blog again until after the New Year, hey, be blessed! You guys inspire me and I value you all! Let’s make 2013 awesome. And let’s make lots of cheesecake to take it to that next level of awesomeness, because, honestly, if its worth doing, it’s worth doing with cheesecake. Or chocolate.




  1. As I start my reflections of last year, considerations of the present and planning of the future your list of 13 looks close to something I’ll probably come up with!

    I’ll drop one if I may (4) I’m already doing a couple (8 &10) I’m booked on pottery course and cutting your own hair’s easier if it’s curly like mine. I’ll take the first of your two 12’s please. I’ve got a long way to go before getting told off if I lose weight. Thanks.. that’s my ‘improvements needed for 2013’ done right?

    Enjoy your new goals for improvement. Better get reflecting on mine, then I can compare..

    1. Thanks so much! Keep me updated on your list of goals. Weight loss is a piece of cake once you put your mind into it. I’m a die hard calorie counter, so I have my cake and eat it….just in small slices. My hair is curly so we will see what happens! Can’t be worse than the last one I paid for.

      Best wishes for 2013!

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