Author’s tag line: Perplexing and currently throwing off my game

Not that I really need to be thinking about it at this particular juncture, but today’s hot topic on one of my writing email lists is business cards.  And, in turn, the tag line you choose to display on your business card.

As I muddled through grocery shopping this morning–an activity that ranks right up there with cleaning up vomit–I thought about what my future business cards and potential tag lines could be.  All sense of seriousness was lost in approximately fifteen seconds:

  • Heather Hambel Curley: Best in Show
  • Heather Hambel Curley: Big Game Hunter
  • Heather Hambel Curley: Obviously Way Out of Your League
  • Heather Hambel Curley: Bringing you the Sass since 1982.

I like my blog “tag line” of “Just a hot momma writing a historical fiction novel: one agonizing semi-colon at a time.”  This is coincidentally also my description on Twitter.  This, however, will not remain my tag line should I weed through my semi-colons and finally finish the darn novel.  Novels.  Who are we kidding.

I’m stymied.  And it’s distracting me.  Yes, I should be working on my novel, but this pesky little voice in the back of my head is saying, “Wouldn’t it be fun to design a business card?  And t-shirts?  And tote bags?”

This is the voice that accompanies me shopping and says, “Why buy one just shirt when you could buy one in each color?”  If you’ve seen what I wear to work, this explains why I have thirty of the same style V-neck shirts from Old Navy.

Business cards.  It seems like the consensus on my email list is:

  • Name
  • Genre
  • Tag Line
  • Website
  • Email address

Some authors also include their picture, graphic related to their book(s), or their book covers.

The last thing I want on a business card is my face.

Any thoughts?  What do you include on your business cards?  Where you as tripped up writing a tag line as I evidently am?  If your name is JK Rowling, does your business card simply read, “I wrote Harry Potter, you twit”?

I’m sure we’ll be revisiting this in the future.  Lord knows if I actually end up designing a business card/tag line in the future, I’ll have a coronary trying to decide what to actually pick.  It’s almost worse than naming my children.  Yeesh.


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