I am a Word Nerd and Mechanical Pencils are my Life

Evidentally after rearing its ugly head one final time, my Salmonellacoli Flu or whatever it was is finally gone.  That was a rough four days.  The Hubs says I look like I just got out of Andersonville.  All I want to do is eat a Pizza Hut pizza.

By myself.

My two year old was sick too, granted, not as horrifically as I was.  A friend at work sent him a couple of Toy Story notebooks and mechanical pencils.  He adored the notebooks….and hasn’t seen the pencils.  This is due to the fact that, since childhood, I have had an obsession for mechanical pencils.  Since like, 4th grade, I have never been without 1) a folder 2) a fresh stack of college ruled loose leaf paper and 3) a package of mechanical pencils.  Bic.  Black. 

Antique mechanical pencils

Unfortunately because I wrote with mechanical pencils, a lot of my waaay early writings have faded into oblivion.  I’ve since graduated to pens, but look, mechanical pencils just hold such…I don’t know, promise.  All the stories that can be written.  All the spelling errors that can be erased.

I have a pin on my bag that says, “As long as I have a pen, I am among friends.”  Truth.

Why am I blogging about mechanical pencils?  I don’t know.  Basically because there’s very little going on right now.  I haven’t worked on a novel in like, two weeks.  Nothing historic of note to rave about.  I watched a horrible movie on Chiller the other night.  Honestly, the dog days of summer have never made more sense to me.  Literally, it’s so hot no one wants to move.  The dog is too lazy to get up and try to beg for a snack.  The backs of my knees start sweating during the walk from the car to the house. 

It’s rough, I tell you.  Rough.

Oh and lets talk about horror of horrors, earlier this month was the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, so The Hubs and I put the dvd of Gettysburg in to watch.  It’s scratched.  We watched the whole first half of the movie in like, an hour.  I guess we’ll have to finally splurge on the Blue Ray.  There’s a lot of bad beards in that movie.  But a classic nonetheless.

And, finally, as much as I hate to admit it, I’m in the last few days before my 30th birthday.  These friends, are the last glorious days of my twenties.  It’s nerve wracking.  And honestly, makes me a little bit light headed.  I have no idea why.  Thirty just…ah.  I remember being a kid, seeing the TV Show, Thirty Something, and thinking, “My God, those people are ancient.”  I’m those people now.  I’m like, Designing Women age now.  Golden Girls age is just right around the corner.

And because I’m turning thirty?  The menu is chocolate cake and pizza.


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  1. “Why am I blogging about mechanical pencils? I don’t know.”

    Because mechanical pencils are terribly underappreciated! This was, by far, the best post on the subject I have read all week!

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