No cell service and vomit: A Weekend of Enchantment

So, yeah, I’ve been MIA as of late. It’s been an abnormally busy two weeks! This weekend The Fam and I trekked to the inlaws house for the weekend, and to attend the annual family reunion. Surprisingly, I lost decent cell reception about an hour away from our house, lost my 3G reception an hour and a half out, and lost service completely at the family reunion. I didn’t get anything back until we got home.

I also got violently sick when we got home, which was awesome (read: totally not awesome). I haven’t been this sick in…man, I couldn’t tell you when. I literally was so drained that I had to take a 20 minute nap after walking from the couch to the bathroom to take my eyeliner off. Horrible. And excitingly, I’m still sick after three days. At least I can sit up today. That’s progress in my book!

Speaking of books, with all the time spent either working, vomiting, or rubbing elbows with The Hub’s Fam, I’ve slacked off reading and writing. Seriously, I’ve been stuck on Chapter Six of 50 Shades of Grey for like, two months now. And on a side note, I can’t. I just can’t. It’s not the sex–because I haven’t even gotten that far yet–it’s just the writing. I can’t condone a best seller with writing like that. It hurts my brain.

More to come.

Edit to add: And, not surprisingly, I continue to be so sick I just want to ball up like Rip Van Curley and wake up sometime next week when this is all over.



  1. I am liking this post in support of your ongoing quest to write and grow amongst the community of writers.

    My “like” does not condone your illness or anything involving 50 Shades of Grey.



  2. Curiosity has “almost” won a couple of times. That desire to see “wow, is it REALLY that bad,” but a small part of me is afraid that I might actually enjoy it.

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