Apparently I write about ham a lot

I did a spell check on my work email recently and it (understandably) flagged the word “hmmm.” The first suggestion Outlook gave me, however, was “hammy.” Really? Do I use the word hammy to such an extent that it’s now a top suggestion? Is that even possible? I guess I write about ham on occasion. I had an extended conversation about hamloaf. Gelatinous ham. A coworker and I pondered why when the heat was turned on the whole office smelled like ham.

Strange nonetheless.

So, yeah, last weekend was gloriously spent in Gettysburg. Love it. The Hubs even pulled over on Benner’s Hill for about 45 minutes so I could just sit in the quiet and write. If only every weekend could be like that! Of course, as mentioned previously, I didn’t work on the novel that I have outlined and planned out. No, that would have made too much sense. Instead I worked on the novel that only has two (now three) segments written. And it was awesome.

Keeping it fresh I guess?

If I can get The Rowdy Boys to bed within the foreseeable future, I may work on one. Or the other. I’m armed with a can of Arnold Palmer half tea/lemonade. Stand back, yo. I might make it to 11:30 without falling asleep.

And finally, in the “evidently I’m in mom-mode” department, there’s a “pamperpooza” at a local hotel this weekend, apparently for Mothers Day. When I first noticed the sign, I thought, cool, The Rowdy Boys wear Pampers. I wonder if there will be free samples and coupons or something. I wasn’t until several miles down the road that it occurred to me the sign was not about Pampers, but in fact being pampered. Not diapers. Relaxation.


So, Happy Mothers Day to all my fellow hot mommas out there! Pamper yourself. Pamper your children. But most of all, have a great weekend!


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