I am the Stig: My Top Gear Challenge

I saved three cents per gallon at the gas pump today and chalked it up as a victory.  In This Economy, I’ll take what I can get.

The Hubs and I have become avid fans of the BBCAmerica show, Top Gear.  Pay no mind to the US version of Top Gear; the British version is better (as a side note, the British version is always better).  Apparently, one can improve their gas consumption by keeping the rpms below 2500 and avoiding the use of certain vehicle systems, like heat and air conditioning.  Top Gear, I accept your challenge.

I’ve been practicing keeping the rpms down this past week as I used up the last tank of gas.  So far I have the most trouble pulling out of parking lots and merging onto the highway.  You know, basically any time I have to accelerate.  I’m getting there, though.  It’s an adjustment.  So, when I filled up the tank, I was almost on empty and had gone 293 miles on a 12 gallon tank.  Decent.  I’m curious to see if being slow to accelerate and freezing my butt off will improve this.  We shall see.

On a related note, I think being on Top Gear and doing a lap in a conservatively priced vehicle is the sole entry on my Bucket List.  I’m aiming high.

In the writing world, I wrote a page and a half before bed last night.  It’s not much, but it’s soe


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