Inaugural Post 2012: Return of the Blog

So, I’m writing a novel.  Two novels, actually, if truth be told, and ultimately I’d like to finish one.  Or both.  Anyway, you may be questioning why, if I’m writing a novel, I’m sitting here writing a blog.

Because Lord knows I have no time.

Look, I have two little kids and work a full time job.  During my recent maternity leave, I realized that since my older son was born in 2010, I had written probably for a grand total of forty-five minutes.  And that’s horrible.

The way I see it, any writing is better than no writing—and hopefully can lead to more writing.  Now that I have officially joined the 21st century and have an iPhone (and can I just say, on a personal note, I find the iPhone to be beyond amazing.  Shame on me for mocking Apple during the 90s.  Shame.), I can blog via app!  This is fabulous, since the sound of typing wakes my kid up in the morning.  And since my kids never nap, this may very well be my only option.  Now if only I could write my novel via app…

Anyway, I’m pretty stoked to be back on the writing bandwagon.  If nothing else, at least, it will distract me until The Walking Dead comes back in the fall.  And that’s a long wait, which in theory translates to a lot of writing.

Sounds like a challenge to me.


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